Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Orange Juice from A Darling Daughter

A post from my daughter having a bit of fun in the school holidays:

I have always had an interest in cooking, especially in making drinks. When we are on holidays at the beach, I get out the blender, mangoes, ice and some juice and make some mango frappes. Then my mum puts some other stuff in them and gives them to grown-ups. She calls them 'daiquiris'. I also make smoothies and chocolate drinks.

I was sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket, watching TV and I felt like doing something so I went over to the fruit bowl to see three oranges. I decided I was going to make some freshly squeezed orange juice. My mum helped me get out the right tools but I did the rest (it wasn't very hard). I squeezed the oranges out and drained out all the pulp and put the juice in a glass. Then I went out into the garden to take the photos.

I was quite proud of my juice because I made it all by hand. I really want to keep cooking and maybe one day I will get my own blog or something along those lines. This juice is very simple an mainstream but when you perfect it, it is a very delicious drink. I might be cooking some more in the holidays so stay tuned.

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